CAPPS — which stands for Craniosynostosis and Positional Plagiocephaly Support (now known as Deformational Plagiocephaly)— is the pioneer and leader in supporting and educating families diagnosed with Craniosynostosis and/or Positional Plagiocephaly.

CAPPS was started by parents — not physicians — who personally experienced the condition.

Parents are the ones who seem to empower the passion to generate organic growth of such organizations, as they develop a passion for other parents not to suffer through scenarios that they have experienced. This is a reflection of a parent’s unconditional love for their children, and the empathy of seeking to help others struggling through the same emotional process.

About Director

Amy Galm, Director, has a background in Business Management, Educational Advocacy and currently seeking a certificate in Patient/Medical Advocacy.

Amy, along with her staff at CAPPS are dedicated to assisting families to “bridge the gap” between patient (parent) and health care provider. CAPPS has established relationships with the large majority of Children’s Hospitals in the United States and works hand in hand with all of the well rounded teams available to families.

CAPPSKIDS believes in a multidisciplinary team approach. Our mission is to support families, assist with expedited consultations so that more surgical options are available to the families, create awareness which will enable early detection and treatment, educate families, primary care providers, and the public, enhance treatment opportunities and to create a standard of care that is consistent throughout the medical community regarding the treatment of Craniosynostosis and Deformational Plagiocephaly as well as the follow up care that the families need for the many years post operatively.

We are always available to the families.

You can email us at any time.