Looking for a qualified and experienced Cranial Band Provider?  Look no further.

You can search the CAPPSKIDS Cranial Band Directory HERE works closely with some of the largest and most experienced Cranial Band Providers in the country.  We know that whether your child has Deformational Plagiocephaly or is Post-Op minimally invasive Craniosynostosis Surgery, the cranial band provider is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make.

CAPPSKIDS.ORG advocates that families should seek a cranial band provider who will make themselves available to you in order to meet your needs. While many families may have to travel, will be providing HIPPA compliant two way live video consultations on an as needed basis so that you may show your provider any areas of concern and have your questions answered in a timely manner.

Below are some of the important questions to ask at your consultation:

  • Do you do free evaluations?
  • What type of cranial band do you use? *do your research
  • How do you get the impression of my child’s head? (cast, scan, camera, guesswork)
  • How accurate is your method? (mm?)
  • How many cranial bands have you done? (When did you start?)
  • How many post-op cranial bands for _______ craniosynostosis specifically have you done?
  • Do you take insurance? (Are you in network? If so, how? What is your rate of insurance approval?)
  • What is you education, are you a CPO ?
  • What is the frequency of return visits? Once a week or every 2 weeks?
  • What if I have an issue? (red marks, heat rash, baby has a fever, etc) Do you have an email or some way for me to get in touch with you? Will you allow us to do use remote access to discuss concerns?
  • Can you explain the measurements?
  • How long might I expect my baby to be in his/her band?
  • How many of your patients require a second band?
  • Will my insurance cover a second band if needed?