craniofacial launched it’s model in 1999. Facebook did not exist and Google was just a baby in it’s beta phase. Internet was still dial-up, slow speed and often unreliable. Where did parents go when they thought something was wrong? introduced a support page where families could get answers to some of the most common questions. The congregated families would share stories and photos in the form of a “post” to our existing Yahoo Group. We developed a contact by state list, a care package exchange program and more. Families began to find us.

Throughout the years Craniosynostosis Support has evolved and families now have several places to turn. With Facebook being the most popular, there are a variety of groups that you might consider joining:

The CAPPSKIDS FACEBOOK Organization page – a place to keep up with events, research and all things Cranio.


More Support Pages (the following groups are not owned or run by

Support Organizations:

Transportation Assistance:

We at CAPPSKIDS are always here for you, the parents. Call or email us at any time.