(I’m not located in the USA, I am from Canada, but I still wanted to share my little girls’ story) I got pregnant with my now five-year-old daughter, Evangeline, at the age of 16. She was brought into this world on May 12, 2007 via emergency c-section, due to the large size of her head, and she had begun to stress inside the womb. When she was born, everyone assured me that all newborns had funny shaped heads, and that the shape would return to normal in a few days.

Well, it never did. At three months, I was informed that she had Craniosynistosis, and that the only way to correct this problem was surgery… at 17 years old, you’re not prepared for a child, let alone a child who will need a major surgery to save her life.. so at seven months old, my little fighter endured a 9 hour surgery. Now my little monster is a happy, healthy five year old kindergartener. Unless you see the scar, you’d never know how scary the begining of her life was. I wouldn’t trade all these experiences for anything in the wolrd 🙂 I am one proud Momma.