When I was a kid, I thought I was normal. I looked in the mirror and saw myself and saw beautiful blonde hair and brown eyes, I loved my weight and my rosey cheeks. It wasn’t until middle school, when I started to get bullied, that I found out I looked different. I was born with Craniosynostosis. Of course I knew that all my life, but I was never really aware of the difference it made in my appearance.

I was born almost 17 years ago, and in a small town in Germany. The doctors completed surgery successfully, but they left a “bulge” in my forehead. They asked my parents if they should do another surgery to remove the bulge. My parents refused because it was unnecessary for my health and there was a 20% risk of brain damage. I’ve been called “Frankenstein”. My own parents called me Frankenstein. After 7th grade, I moved from Colorado to New Mexico. I had a hard time making friends, the bullying got worse because the kids there didn’t know me. There was one day when I’d had a hard day, and at the end of it my brother bullied me because of my head and it pushed me over the edge. I ran away from home for a few hours, considering suicide, but eventually I went home to the room that my brother and I shared. Last year was my Sophomore year of high school. Freshman year I had managed to make some best friends and I loved my life again. But then it all tore apart last year. One friend went to college, but I began dating him, one moved on, and one moved to D.C. I was completely alone in high school. I spent lunch periods in the library, reading alone. I walked the halls alone and got to class early.

Now, it’s junior year. But it’s not the same. This year im an exchange student in Sweden. I came here to escape for a while, escape my family, my high school, the awfully boring state that is New Mexico. And I am happy that I haven’t been bullied once sense I’ve been here(Its been a month!). I have to find a purpose. Ever sense I was a little kid I wanted to be and actress/singer. That dream died long ago when I realized that only beautiful get on a stage. Now I don’t know what I want to do. Be a cook, a cop, a lawyer, a writer. I’ll figure it all out someday. Thanks for listening.

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