Madison was born Jan. 2009 with craniosynostosis. Her Dr. (who had practiced almost 40 years) had no idea what was wrong with her. I teach college Anatomy and I knew of plagiocephaly, but not cranio. So, I knew something was wrong. She did not have a right occipital bone and her skull was deformed. The Dr. argued with me 4 months telling me nothing was wrong. At her 6 months check-up I asked to see the nurse practitioner. She measured her head three times and informed us her head had not grown any since her 4 months check up. a few weeks later, she sent us out of town to a place in Charlotte, NC that makes Doc bands. They sent us to a pediatric craniofacial surgeon who knew exactly what the problem was. He said her case was severe and would not live past the age of 1. That was August 11, 2009. On Oct. 10, 2009 she had cranial vault reconstructive surgery. Madison does not have the genetic type and only had one surgery.


Three years ago she asked to be in a pageant. She won and the rest is history. Since then she has won 26! She is currently Little Miss Virginia United States. She will be competing for the national title of Little Miss United States the first week in July. Although her face is not symmetrical, no one in the pageant world has ever noticed. In face, no one in the pageant world knows she was born with a birth defect at all. Recently, she and I have talked and would like to use that as her platform to help other families. There was not a support group of any that I could find when we were going through this. As a result of enduring the unknown alone, I ended up on depression meds for two years. We would be glad to offer hope to any family!