Ever see a baby with a helmet on his head throughout the day? Ever wondered if it is for physical or mental health condition? Should it bother you if your doctor tells you that your baby needs a helmet?

Plagiocephaly, also known as flat head syndrome, is a condition where a baby’s head is misshapen or has a flat spot. It usually happens due to certain causes.

Positional plagiocephaly is the most common misshapen head case in infants. This usually takes place because of the usual position the baby does. For example, a baby us used to lying flat on his back thereby making the back part of his head more in contact with the pillow or mattress. The consistent pressure that the mattress puts on the head of the infant can cause the back part of the skull to be flattened.

Another cause of positional plagiocephaly is when the baby inside the mother’s womb has very limited chance to move. Breech babies are more susceptible to this as there are cases when their head becomes wedged with the mothers ribs.

Craniosynostosis, another kind of plagiocephaly wherein the skull’s joints close early. The baby will need a surgery for it since it can hinder the brain’s growth, according to Baby Center.

One way to avoid and correct plagiocephaly is to frequently change the child’s sleeping position. More tummy time will help a lot as it lessens the pressure on the baby’s head, according to Kids Health. An infant’s head shape will usually correct on its own by six months. Parents can monitor this by taking photos of the infant’s head every now and then.

Cranial orthotic therapy, wearing a helmet to improve the shape of the skull is one of the best resorts in early age. During the time when the baby’s head is soft and pliable, external reshaping can be very helpful.

Always remember, placgiocephaly is a physical condition not a mental one and the sooner you notice and act on this condition the better for a baby’s skull becomes less pliable as she grows.

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