is excited to announce our next webinar in the cappskids series: 


Minimally Invasive Craniosynostosis Surgery

Topics covered will include:

  • Why minimally invasive?
  • What are the benefits of minimally invasive
  • How old is too old?
  • Who is NOT a good candidate for minimally invasive?
  • Are all minimally invasive procedures for Craniosynostosis done the same way?
  • What is recovery like for minimally invasive?
  • How long will the baby wear a helmet?
  • OPEN Q & A with the surgeon

This event will be held via two way video or you may use your phone to dial in and listen.  Questions may be sent ahead of time or asked when the floor opens up for comments and questions.  The date, time and surgeon will be announced soon.  Make sure to follow our news announcements for sign-up.  This is a FREE program.