This is always a tough one.

Post-op children who have the minimally invasive procedures will typically require a cranial remodel orthosis for up to one year following surgery. This helmet is used to encourage growth to the intended skull shape.

It is extremely important that a family uses a well-qualified orthotist for this helmet. The orthotist must be trained in post-operative cranial bands. If you are unsure, please contact us for a referral.

You have the ability to interview an orthotist prior to making a decision.

Some of the questions that you may want to ask are:

Have you treated post endoscopic craniosynostosis children before?

Which surgeons do you work with?

Which Cranial Band brand do you use?

How will you take the measurements for my baby’s head?

What is your approval rate with my particular insurance? Will you appeal if necessary? Do you have a payment plan if I am denied?

What is your background? Have you trained specifically for cranial bands? Are you a CPO?

How frequently will you see the baby for follow ups?

What if I have a problem? Is there an after hours number? How soon will you see my child if we are having a problem? What if you are not available – is there someone else who will cover for you?

Can you explain the measurements to me so that I understand them?

How many post-op children require a second helmet in your experience?

Can you give me an idea or show me a picture of what my baby’s helmet will look like?

How do I clean and care for the helmet?

What happens if my baby seems to have a red spot or is uncomfortable?

Ask – Ask – Ask…… you must be comfortable with the orthotist.