What type of cranial band do you use?

How do you get the impression? (cast, scan, camera, guesswork)

How accurate is your method?

How many have you done?

Do you take insurance?

Are you in network? If so, how? What is your rate of insurance approval?

Do you have a payment plan? (if not in network)

What is you education, are you a CPO (certified Practioner)?

What is the frequency of return visits? Once a week or every 2 weeks?

What if I have an issue? (red marks, heat rash, baby has a fever, etc) Do you have an email or some way for me to get in touch with you?

Do you do free evaluations?

Will you explain the measurements?

How long might I expect my baby to be in his/her band?

How many of your patients require a second band?