Also referred to as “Dynamic Spring Mediated Craniofacial Reshaping.”

Spring-mediated cranioplasty is a minimally invasive alternative to the standard surgical procedure for craniosynostosis. Two dynamic springs made of steel are fashioned in the operating room by the surgeon and placed in the gap left by the removal of the fused suture. Three to four months after the surgery, the child has a second, smaller operation to remove the 2 springs.

This technique involves surgical removal of the fused suture and insertion of hand formed springs to expand the gap created by the suture removal. This procedure can usually be performed in less than one hour, results in significantly reduced loss of blood as compared to the calvaria reshaping technique, and has shown promising results.

This is considered a more minimally invasive option when compared to the full open procedure.  Typically a Cranial Remodel Orthosis is worn afterwards.