Craniofacial Center at Goryeb Children’s Hospital

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Our team is among the most experienced team of Neurosurgeon / plastic surgeon in the country. We treat all forms of craniofacial abnormalities including: Craniosynostosis Syndromic craniosynostosis, including Crouzons, Aperts, Positional plagiocephaly Encephalocele Posttraumatic skull deformities Hypertelorism Our plagiocephaly program at both institutions allows us to see patients together in our private practices and tailor a treatment for each family including re-positioning strategies, physical therapy for torticollis and when needed molding helmets / doc bands. We evaluate approximately 20 children per week for positional plagiocephaly. We also offer endoscopic craniosynostosis surgery for selected cases of single suture craniosynostosis and have considerable experience doing these cases together as well as a team approach.