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Health ONE's Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children Craniofacial Center

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Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children’s (RMHC) Pediatric Neuroscience Center is able to treat your baby’s case of craniosynostosis. Evaluations are provided by Dr. Renatta Osterdock to give you a detailed look at your child’s skull and what measures we will take together.


Because craniosynostosis can be present at birth (congenital) or observed later during a physical exam, the diagnosis is made after a thorough diagnostic test. Your child’s doctor will obtain a complete birth history about your child and his or her family history. In some instances, genetic counseling may be needed to determine if there are any hereditary disorders that run in the family. If there is a concern about this condition, you will be referred to a pediatric neurosurgeon for evaluation.

Diagnostic tests that may be performed to confirm craniosynostosis include X-rays of the head and computed tomography scans (CAT or CT scans).

Special treatment for your child’s condition is determined by:

  • Your child’s age
  • Overall health and medical history
  • The severity of the condition
  • Which sutures are involved
  • Your child’s medication, procedure and therapy tolerance
  • Your opinion or preference
  • Expectations for the treatment course

Surgery is usually the recommended treatment for this condition to reduce the pressure in your child’s head and correct the abnormalities in your child’s face and skull. Surgery is better when the child is younger because the bones are softer and easier to work with. Depending on the severity of the condition, surgery may be needed at an earlier age.

Our team of specialists have extensive training in treating a wide range of maternal-fetal conditions , including craniosynostosis. The expertise of our physicians, support from our entire multidisciplinary team and the vast resources at our facility allow us to provide the very best care for your child.


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