One question we hear quite often is “what should I pack for the hospital stay”?

  • Cell phone and charger
  • Laptop and charger
  • Camera, bring batteries if they are required or charger
  • Snacks
  • Tylenol or Advil (the hospital can not give this to you if YOU have a headache)
  • YOUR medication – anything that you take regularly
  • Comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting stained
  • Coins for vending machines and extra cash for food
  • Slippers
  • Anything of special comfort for your child, blanket, stuffed animal, tablet, etc.
  • Music
  • Extra binkies if they use them
  • Bottles if they only take a certain kind (hospital may provide)
  • Breast pump if needed (hospital may provide)
  • Formula (hospital may provide)
  • ***A boppy if you have one
  • Zip up or button up clothes for baby to go home in
  • Toiletries – although typically you can ask and the hospital will provide
  • Journal and pen so you can write down your thoughts if you like
  • Books or magazines
  • Baby’s favorite toys for comfort and familiarity
  • Your own towels (hospital towels are small and scratchy) if you have room
  • Flip-flops or shower shoes
  • If possible a bed cushion/memory foam to sleep on, your own pillow and get yourself a comfy blanket.
  • BRING YOUR STROLLER – you are going to want to walk, walk, walk!
  • We have heard that a booster or any type of “seat” that will prevent a fall is helpful
  • Always bring an 8×10 printed photo of your child to hang on his/her crib

If you need any help while you are in the hospital, we are always a phone call away 888-572-5526

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