Do you have a child under four(4) months of age with suspected Craniosynostosis?
We will expedite a consult to one of the many centers that we work with to haveyour child seen in less than a week so that your baby can get a proper diagnosis and have all surgical options available to him/her.

Is your child scheduled for surgery and you want to see another team to review surgical technique and options?
We will expedite a consult for you so that you can be sure that you are matched with the right team and technique for your family.

Are you relocating and need a new team to take over caring for your post-op child ?
We can help set up a new patient consultation while providing the team your child’s information and history.

Did a doctor tell you that your child did not have Craniosynostosis or did a doctor tell you that your child’s Craniosynostosis was “cosmetic” and you need a second opinion?
We will get you that second opinion in a timely manner and put your mind at ease.

Whatever the situation is, whatever support you need, we are here to help you.
Email us today at or call us at 888-572-5526