Dr. Peter Sun

Team: UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland Craniosynostosis Program

Address: 747 52nd Street,
Location : Oakland
Zipcode : 94609

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Dr. Peter Sun is rated at 5 Stars from 22 reviews

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Thomas Martin

My 8 year old daughter was diagnosed with AVM. Her brain was swelling and had a huge blood clot. He had to do emergency surgery. They told us she may never talk again . 4 hrs after waking up she was singing. They also told us that she would be in the hospital three weeks to three months. They released her just 6 days after surgery. She is right back to her normal self. I thank God and Dr. Sun

Jack C

Dr. Peter Sun is an excellent surgeon! He is extremely thorough and has provided excellent follow-up. We appreciate his calm, confident demeanor and his respect for our son. We never felt he was rushed to make decisions and always explained each step. We felt he led his team well in extending assisted care for our son. We would highly recommend his skill and care! Thank you Dr. Sun!

Shannon Reid

Our daughter was born with metopic craniosynostosis, which is early fusion of the suture that connects the frontal bone of the skull. If unrepaired, it restricts normal skull and brain growth, which can lead to increased intracranial pressure, abnormal head shape, and developmental delays. Upon learning of our daughter´s diagnosis at 1 month of age, we began our search to find a neurosurgeon. The first neurosurgeon we saw recommended open cranial vault remodeling (CVR), which involves removing, remodeling, and then replacing the malformed bone. This sounded terrifying, like Frankenstein surgery to us! However, we were willing to do whatever was best for our daughter. I began extensive research online to learn more about this surgery. I learned that there was another option available: minimally invasive endoscopic repair followed by helmet therapy. Only a handful of surgeons are trained to do this, including Dr. Sun, one of the top neurosurgeons in the country. We thanked our lucky stars that we were able to get a consult with him. Dr. Sun is exceptionally skilled and experienced in endoscopic craniosynostosis repair. Although he also performs CVR, he assured us that endoscopic surgery with helmet therapy would provide the best long-term results. We were grateful to have had an early diagnosis, as there is a short window period when endoscopic repair can be done (ideally at 3 months, when the bone is still soft). Although this was a less invasive procedure, we were still overwhelmed at the thought of our baby going through surgery. Dr. Sun and his staff were incredibly patient, informative, and reassuring during the whole process. The surgery went smoothly and we were able to go home from the hospital after 3 days. Following surgery, we started helmet therapy to help her skull continue to round out in a natural, gradual manner. Helmet therapy lasted a total of 6 months, involving regular check ups and helmet adjustments. Dr. Sun and his staff were always so happy to see our daughter and shared our excitement about her excellent progress. It has now been one year since surgery. We could not be more pleased with the results of the endoscopic repair. Before surgery, our daughter´s forehead was pinched and triangular-shaped, and her eyes were close-set. Now you would never guess that our daughter ever had metopic craniosynostosis. She is a happy, active toddler that is meeting all of her developmental milestones. We are beyond grateful to Dr. Sun and his team for the incredible life-long impact that they have made in our lives.

Jordan Tucker

If I could give Dr. Sun a better rating than 5 stars I would! He diagnosed our son with Metopic Craniosynostosis at less than a month old. When our son was a little less than 3 months old we traveled to Oakland, CA for Dr.Sun to perform a minimally invasive surgery on our son. The incision was about three inches long and the scar is not even very noticeable unless you’re really trying to look for it. The results have been amazing! We are just so thankful that Dr.Sun did the minimally invasive surgery rather than just doing the more invasive surgery which is one large incision from one ear to the other. We are forever greatful that our son has had such a great, intelligent Doctor throughout this whole journey. As busy as Dr. Sun is we have never felt rushed. He always takes the time to talk about how everything is going, any concerns we may have and is great at explaining things in a way that we really understand.

Kim The Mindful Realtor Ruiz

Dr. Sun saved my son, Joey’s, life by believing in me as a mother and going the extra mile and not giving up until we found the problem. We had seen 3 Neurosurgeons before meeting Dr. Sun in 2007 and he is the most upstanding, caring, and dedicated Neurosurgeon we’ve experienced. My son kept having shunt malfunctions, collapsed ventricles, and SYRINGOMYELIAS forming in his spinal cord and cervical spine. We found he developed a CHIARI MALFORMATION and through Dr. Sun and the Radiology staff at Oakland Children’s Hospital, they found by an MRI used in cardio studies a small adhesion wrapped around near my son’s brain stem. This was the first time something was seen doing that particular MRI and by finding this, my son’s case is in medical journals. Through Dr. Sun’s dedication to our children and their health, my son is alive and doing so well right now. I am so grateful to have found him 12 years ago and we know if we ever have any more issues, we’re on our way to Dr. Sun and Oakland Children’s Hospital. We love you Dr. Sun and thank you to all of your staff and Nurses! Kim


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